i thought i’d show you guys my drawing process. sorta… it’s just the rough sketch and the final piece.

sooooo… again. this happened.

firstly… omgas;lkdfjalksha! (there’s a strange type of satisfaction knowing someone you admire, likes your work.) [also, admire in a creative sense, not a creepy way. i try so hard not to be creepy…] i’m really glad you guys all like it so much! thanks for all the rebloggs and likes!

also to PJ’s comment… wait. do you mean a personal large print out of this? or like… for sale on.. anywhere? if the first, go ahead, heck i’d send you a piece. (do you still use your PO box?) if the latter. please contact me. heh. :D

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    This is so awesome. I hope he does turn it into a poster!
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